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Made in Sicily
The traditional Sicilian music in a pop-jazz key

 Made in Sicily Orchestra was born in Palermo in
 2007 with the mission of enhancing the artistry of
 Sicilian music and musicians. Their unique creation
 is a fusion of symphony orchestra and a jazz
 section, including the musicians Francesco  Buzzurro, Francesco Cafiso, Vito Giordano,  Osvaldo Lo Iacono, Giuseppe Milici, Ruggiero  Mascellino, Francesco Nicolosi. The lead voice is  Mara Eli with Domenico Riina as director. The  Orchestra’s mission is to promote Sicilian music and  musicians. Today the Orchestra is comprised of 104  staff musicians, all of them Sicilian. It has  performed in the most important theatres and has been lauded by the press as an ambassador of Sicily to the world. Their first musical production, "Made in Sicily - the Songs" is a compilation album of 14 traditional Sicilian songs rearranged to a pop-jazz key.

To exit from the stereotypes in which the traditional Sicilian music has been bordered on, to rediscover its
seductive vitality and to certify its extraordinary sonorous versatility: this is what is "Made in Sicily - the
, a compilation album of 14 traditional Sicilian songs rearranged to a new musical language, a refined
and enchanting pop-jazz entrusted to the mastery of over one hundred Sicilian artists, who wished to leave
their mark on a disc that aims to cross the regional and national borders, to repropose to an international
audience, songs, nursery rhymes and harmonies of our singing and musical tradition. A cd where rhythms
and sounds chase each other - track by track - exciting the listener, and where each track, although rooted
in the soul of tradition, evolve itself toward a more universal language with clear smooth atmospheres that
make you dream.

A challenging and complex job, spread over one year: that is how it took us to put together an orchestra
comprised of 104 musicians, with one distinctive sign: being children of the same mother Sicily; an orchestra that hasn't limited itself only to perform songs selected from the wide landscape of tradition but it had to lay
its hands on arrangements and scores again to give the listener a product of exceptional artistic value.

The involvement and participation of the most talented artists, is a confirmation of value for those who
believe in a music in continuous renewal, where research and experimentation mix each other to become an
authentic expression of emotions that get over the barriers of time and space to become universal
contemporaneity, a sign and witness of time we live. A cd that looks to the future, then, and who wants to
capture the attention of young people, to make them love a journey to discover Sicilian roots, starting from
the musical ones.

This is one of the goals of the Made in Sicily project, launched by the courageous producer of Nicosia,
Alfredo Lo Faro, who wanted to bet on the more virtuous talents, on successful artists and young promises.
Lo Faro has created a monumental orchestra borrowing some of the best elements of two the major regional
musical realities, the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra and the Brass Group Orchestra of Palermo.

The new Made in Sicily Orchestra is really without a record, the best of Sicilian musical culture is part of it,
artists with their instruments and their voices tells in an international form the thousand aspects of a people
and its folklore, traditions, life and emotions.

To voice cd two young singers: Eli Mara (12 songs) and Anita Vitale (2 songs), the Direction of the Orchestra
is given to masters Vito Giordano and Domenico Riina. Among the guest star involved in the making of Made
in Sicily - the songs, we want to remember some names: Francesco Cafiso, Francesco Buzzurro, Giuseppe
, Orazio Maugeri, Ruggiero Mascellino.
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