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A crystal ball called Earth
Gilda Gubiotti's latest works pay homage to the deepest and widest part of our planet: the water. Though used to being frightened by seething volcanoes that arouse our emotions and leave us speechless, this time, we must stop for a while and reflect. Gilda's water is not still. In Gilda Gubiotti's paintings there is no room for man-centered culture. In her paintings the artist emphasizes the problem "Water".
Gubiotti's artwork is an overt denunciation of all this in each stroke of color of her brush; each lump put on the canvas is a cry for help from our Planet; each wave, each bend of the chromatic surface is a tribute to the Creation. This exhibition is a homage paid to our Planet, in the hope that in the future, rivers and waters may keep on flowing under the admiring eye of mankind.
Vinny Scorsone
Vital Ferments
If we analyze Gilda Gubiotti's latest paintings, in which visions of satellites alternate with aerial views, we will realize that they express the natural beauty of our planet Earth. Her works show the artist's desire to crystallize on the canvas the uncontaminated parts of the globe, to convey a message: "Admire, respect and preserve the Earth- a glorious show of life and colour!". It is the loving message of an artist who appreciates Nature and strives to preserve it.
At first sight, Gubiotti's works catch our attention, but, when analyzed in depth, they engage us emotionally and involve the viewer in the greatness of the miracle of creativity. Warm and cold colours melt in harmonious balance: reds explode out of volcanic rocks, splotches of yellow break out with the force of light and warmth while the blue of seas and rivers conjure up serenity and peace; lastly, the reassuring greens that trickle among the strong colours present us with brilliant brushwork, bursting with life. Everything seems to be animated by a vital ferment, a circular movement that associates it to the Earth's rotation, and that recalls the wider motion of the Universe.
Vilma Costa