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Legal Translation - Corporate and Individual
Legal translation is exacting work. And thatís exactly why so many international firms and globally
invested corporations have entrusted their businesses to language service providers like us- translators
and language consultants with legal backgrounds and actual experience in legal practice. We also
understand that true accuracy requires that documents translated from one language to another remain
true to the originals with all of their flaws. Allow us to convert all of your important information and gain
peace of mind, knowing that your documents are in capable hands.
We specialize in the translation of: Depositions, Summonses, Evidence, Decisions, Contracts, Patents,
Wills, Legislation.

Financial Translation
On Point provides financial translation for corporate customers, individual investors and regulatory
purposes. We have extensive experience translating Accounting and Auditing Materials, Annual Reports,
Financial Statements, Business Plans and other Internal Documents. An accurate, on point translation of
your financial documents is the first step in establishing an international corporate partnership or
merger, or to expand your own business on a global scale. 

Technical Translation
At On Point, we insist that our professional translators demonstrate technical and linguistic acumen in
engineering or science specialties. Time and resources for in-depth research on your documentís subject
matter(s) is built in to our guaranteed completion time. A competent and experienced translator who
understands your documentís specific subject matter, as well as the source and target languages, guides
the project.

Translation for Marketing & Public Relations
On Point Marketing translators know about disseminating information and reaching the consumer. We
only use translators with experience in public relations, journalism and advertising, so that we can help
you to expand your market and best serve the needs of your brand when it comes to Product Catalogues,
Packaging, Print Advertising, Sales Presentations, Brochures, Press Releases and much more.
  Individuals / Educational / Cultural

Cultural Translation - Food and Wine
At On Point, our translators are not only experts in the fields of gastronomy and oenology, but they are
passionate connoisseurs of food, wine and spirits from around the world, employing both a profound
base of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm on the subject. Quality products require quality
presentation- our clients can be confident that their products and events are presented with an
audience- appropriate combination of accuracy and attitude. We translate all written materials
regarding food and wine, including: marketing materials, such as product catalogs, company websites
and brochures; product descriptions, quality specifications and ingredient lists; restaurant menus and
promotional materials; import/export documents.

Educational Translation - History, Art and much more
On Point cultural translators have extensive experience not only in the study of history, politics, music,
fine art and other intellectual and creative pursuits, but also in the translation of texts and other
written materials pertaining to such subjects. Therefore, we can offer our clients a high level of
precision and sensitivity to subject matter in the translation of all relevant documents, including:
educational materials, such as websites and textbooks; publications pertaining to art, galleries or
museums, and artist profiles; historical documentation; tourist guides and other location-specific
materials; instructional materials.

Translation for Individuals
We can translate any type of personal document, simple or complex. Rest assured that whether it is a
birth or marriage certificate, a will, an immigration document or a professional or educational degree,
On Point translators will translate it with accuracy, efficiency and the utmost discretion.
  Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

At On Point, we understand that high quality medical translation requires the work of professionals with
significant experience with medical terminology as well as a scientific understanding of medical
equipment and the business of medicine. We offer medical translation services of various types,
including, but not limited to: Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Trials, Research Reports, Medical
Equipment Manuals and Patient Records.
  Website Translation & Localization

Whether you do business locally, nationally, or internationally, your internet presence is a key method of
communication between your company and your clients. Indeed, current business methods indicate that
your website may be the strongest information resource your prospective clients will use when selecting
a service or product provider. Our specialty, content localization, takes your translated website beyond
accuracy: localized content engages your audience by presenting information using language and syntax
that are appropriate and customary.
  Editing & Proofreading

On Point translators help you express your ideas by making sure your document is worthy of the most
discerning audience. By providing an objective view of your work, we prepare your document to be
noticed for its message, not for your grammar. Punctuation errors, typos, and style and tense
inconsistencies are duly marked using “Track Changes” within Microsoft Word, allowing you the
flexibility of accepting all or some of our proposed changes.
Editing and Proofreading are available for English language text only, and can be provided on an
“ad hoc” basis or in addition to any translation work. Please note that editing and proofreading services
are performed by English language experts and priced according to both the length of the document
and the quality of the writing submitted. An English language document that is poorly executed or
particularly ineffective may require some re-writing or translating for an extra cost. We will always
contact our client before performing any non-requested services.
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