In brief, our prices are based on three basic factors: word count, complexity, and requested turnaround time. Other secondary factors, including language combination and subject matter, are also taken into account.

In detail:

   • Pricing for translation projects is based upon the total number of source or target words within the documents requested. The “source language” refers to the language of the original document and the “target language” refers to the language of the translated document.

   • Romance languages, Northern European languages and Asian languages carry different rates per word.

   • Because fonts and writing styles vary, pricing is not based on the number of pages, chapters or volumes.

   • The per-word rate will reflect the complexity of the document’s subject matter and the level of technical or legal expertise required.

   • “Turnaround time” refers to the amount of time elapsed between our receipt of a signed service agreement with your original document and our delivery of the translated document to you. Typical turnaround time is determined on a project-by-project basis. Long-term projects and expedited, or “rush” projects, will carry lower and higher per-word rates, respectively.
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