Sculpture Park - A River of Art
by Judy Rozner

In Sicily one is expected to encounter many treasures that have been left there by the many civilizations and
people who have occupied this central Mediterranean Island for over 2500 years, but the surprise is to
encounter, on the same island, treasures of our own era in the form of Contemporary Art. Fiumara di Tusa is
the location of these a hidden treasures.

In two valleys that stretch from the coast inland, starting near Castel di Tusa, a coastal resort, along the dry
river bed of Fiumara di Tusa towards Castel di Lucio and back to the coast along the valley that straddles the
Fiumara di St. Stefano and ends near St. Stefano di Camastra, a center for Sicilian pottery, on the coast. In
a three hours excursion one encounters nine amazing huge contemporary sculptures by some of the best
current artists. This adventure combines the beauty of the Sicilian landscape with a surprising encounter with
these works of art and the un-spoilt villages of Pettineo, Castel di Lucio, Mistretta and Reitano.

The first sculpture "Matter doesn't Matter" by Pietro Consagra (1986) is surprisingly deceiving. Being "framed"
by the high overpass and the open landscape as background, it looks small until one gets closer and realizes
with amazement its actual size. The second encounter requires a left turn into a winding road leads to
"Mediterranean Energy" by Antonio Di Palma, (1990), an enormous concrete wave on top of a rise. Back on
the main road the 4th encounter is with Paolo Schiavocampo (1990), it looks like a huge horse but is named
"A cast curve on time's shoulder". As one glimpses Castel di Lucio it is time to look for the huge "Arianna's
(1990) a collaborative work by Pietro Dorazio and Graziano Marini. The views from this spot are
wonderful, and the labyrinth is a labyrinth that is fun to experience. A break in Castel di Lucio will empower
the adventurer to unfold the rest of the surprises on the way back to the coast. A rewarding experience!