Nicolò Di Bella


Contemporary Sculpture by Nicolo Di Bella Sculpture has been, without a doubt one of the first artistic expressions since the prehistoric times of mankind. In fact, the art left by our ancestors is very rich and varied in its expression. Sculpture was concived of as a means of communication and to provide man knoledge of himself. Therefore itis thze primary and original manifestation of art, together with design and panting. At this point we need to make a distinction between sculpture and other forms of art. In order to understand sculpture one must be able to "see" . Seeing is an act wich we are not always prepared or educated to do well. Sculpture is a vehicle wich allows us to perceive what could be described as reveltion or doubt, feeling or drama, beauty or ugliness, tension or hateŠ..I would like to express some of my ideas and feelings,since I am a sculptor living in this time . After compliting one's academic training, the sculptur is thrown in the midst of the fangs of the ever-changing dragon we call society. The majority of artsts are swallowed by this dragon because they don't find in themselves the strength to affirm their way : humiliations,distant hopes, economic concerns and spiritual confusion are their daily diet. On the quality and subjectivity of expression we cannot develop an objective discourse, because there is no human expression more unlimited than artistic experience . It often happens that some artist have some common cultural preferences and this allows the development of cultural movements. I think that one of the meaningful points of conjuction in many artists is the profound need to redescover the external world and the entire universe, as well through the deep penetration of their internal essence. This is fundamental and central caracteristic of my personality and artistic expression. I feel we can also share this feeling, common to many contemporary artists, by walking into any art gallery or modern museum. The artist must have the courage and the strength to face all these points by starting from that infinite little point which is himself. The ultimate goal is the universal aspiration of mankind to be one with and united with the cosmos and all exists so as to overcome the sense of solitude and uncertainty. Which is present in the world today. In my opinion,the real is a titan who fights against mediocrity, confronting the concept of cybernetic men without essence to the idea of Man-being-knoledge. My personal thanks to the " maestro2 Salvatore Rizzuti, professor of the sculpture course at the Accademy of Fine Art in Palermo, Italy